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_ AI introduction & workshops
Understanding the new possibilities that AI represents, and identifying how one can implement workflows and solutions that bring value is key.
We have several ongoing projects together with clients where we showcase, teach and identify areas to improve their creative and branding operations.
_ Generative AI
Generative artificial intelligence describes algorithms that can be used to create new content, like audio, images, simulations, and videos. Recent breakthroughs in the field have the potential to drastically change the way we approach content creation.
We've used generative AI in our creative process for a while and its become a fantastic tool for explorations, styleframes and general concept development.
As the tools become ever more advanced, we've been able to speed up parts of our production workflow drastically, and in recent times even been able to have parts of our deliveries fully created trough generative AI tools.
Example of images we've generated with AI :
Examples of motion we've created with AI:
_ AI static / motion workflow
Generating images through AI tools has become increasingly popular, and we constantly explore the ideal ways to go from static to motion - either trough motion AI or in combination with traditional tools for more control.
Example of generative image to generative motion:
Example of generative image to 3D workflow
_ Thoughts on AI
There are many aspects of generative AI that bring amazing new possibilities to the creative field, and we fully embrace innovation.
In its current state we are able to generate high quality output in a short space of time, and.mixed with more traditional tools it can be truly be a key part of a modern production workflow. 
That said - there are clear limitations in some aspects, and while some things might be incredibly fast to produce, other things simply has to be done in software where we have complete control.
For the foreseeable future, a mix of AI tools and traditional tools will be needed to retain the level of control our clients expect from us. 
We strive to innovate and bring value to our clients, and we think our knowledge in creating strong concepts and our creative direction it's more important than ever before.

As part of the creative industry we follow closely the ethical debate in how these models are trained, and we are conscious about how we implement AI generated content in a commercial environment.
_ Playground
Random tests and experiments.